About the Canadian Cowboy Challenge

The Canadian Cowboy Challenge was formed to support folks in developing a better partnership with their horse so that they have greater enjoyment through their riding experiences whether on the trail or with ranch work.  Competition and obstacle challenges provide exposure to elements that would naturally occur in these areas.  With practice, gates, bridges, water crossings, deadfall and other obstacles become easier for both horse and rider.

As competitions of this type become more popular a need arose for those who wanted more emphasis on the horsemanship aspect and less on the speed. For that reason the Canadian Cowboy Challenge was formed.  It is our mandate to help people become more adept at handling obstacles while riding in a fun and safe manner.

The Canadian Cowboy Challenge officially formed under the Societies Act of Alberta in the spring of 2011 and registered in Saskatchewan under the non-profit act in 2013.  The emphasis has been on building horsemanship skills with individuals riding to their own ability.  Some of our members refer to the Challenge as the 'horseman's golf'; it is more important to challenge yourself with improving than it is to win.  The variety of divisions available allow riders to compete with others with similar experience and skills.

The Association has developed a set of Member and Host Rules and has Certified Judges in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  We most wholeheartedly encourage our members to host events and provide support.  Ag societies, riding clubs, stable owners and individuals are typical hosts.

We welcome new participants and encourage anyone interested in riding or hosting to contact us for more information. 

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