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The Canadian Cowboy Challenge is founded on the horsemanship and camaraderie found in ranch-based activities and trail riding. Riders demonstrate their skills and those of their horse as they undertake a series of obstacles.  All the while having a great time!

Our mission statement: To support a safe and encouraging environment where riders can develop a soft feel, fluid movement, speed and courage along with a willingness to move forward in a true partnership between horse and rider.

A Sport for the Whole Family: With divisions for all ages and every skill level of rider and horse, you can bring your whole family out to ride or cheer each other


To all of our members that came to our AGM 

The New Board has been selected and we will be busy at work to make this another succesful year of great Challenges with great Hosts

We are hoping that all our past hosts get their dates in to us as soon as possible so members can make their spring, summer & fall schedules to attend as many challenges as they can

 Any new hosts please contact us to be approved and be given a host button to create your event.

We will also be having a Judge's conference in the near future in AB. Judge's please be ready. (T.B.A)


Hosts: The new 10 Obstacle Judging Sheet for Rookie has been uploaded.  You can find it under Rules & Info. also April 2019 Host rules have been changed please read them.

April 2019, Member Rules that have been updated or changed 12.3, 15.2, 16.9, 16.17, 17.4, 18.2,  Example List of Obstacles has been update.

August 2019, Member Rules have been update, section 16.12.1 has been added.

Thank you from the Board of Dicrectors.

Some of you may have noticed a new page tab when you sign in. The “Clinic-Playdays" tab will take you to a bunch of member sponsored clinics and playdays.

To register for these Clinics and Playdays you must contact the person identified.

Also check the Challenges Page to see if the clinic or Playday is associated with a

 Canadian Cowboy Challenge the following day.

This is a great way to practice and compete in the fastest growing equine sport in the country.

Interested in Hosting a Cowboy Challenge?

You can now create and manage your Challenge online.  All you need to do is ensure you have an account on the website, and let us know you'd like to host an event.  We'll set you up for access to the host page and help you out to ensure your Challenge is a success.

The Canadian Cowboy Challenge

To CCC, all the sponsors, volunteers and judges A BIG BRAVO to all who work so tirelessly to give us the opportunity to enjoy this sport with our horses and our friends. Thank you for a wonderfully FUN day at the events and exhibiting solid horsemanship and safe horse course designs. Happy to be back in the CCC saddle again! See you next year for more events!

- Kathy Hiebert, 2015

All the thanks goes back to you guys who work so tirelessly to give us the opportunity to have fun with our horses and our friends. Thank you for a wonderfully FUN day that exhibited solid horsemanship and safe horse tests from both the competitors and the course designers.  Thank you for putting our horses first :-)  So very happy to be back in the CCC saddle again, it was a truly wonderful day.  Hats off to you, team!

- Tammy Botsford on the Mane Event Cowboy Challenge, 2015

Hi there! I was fortunate enough to compete at the challenge event at Bar U on Sunday. It was an excellent venue and a well run event with so many lovely ppeople involved. Thank you!

- Alana Eaton on the Bar U Ranch Cowboy Challenge, 2015

I have been very remiss in not thanking you for sponsoring the Novice Buckle. Not only is it my buckle this year, but it was one of the best looking buckles I have ever seen. It took me a whole afternoon to find the perfect belt to match!! When I am not wearing it to show it off. It is then proudly displayed. I not only want to thank you for the Buckle, but also the CCC itself. Fate works in strange ways. We moved to central Alberta, and saw the CCC demo at the Main Event, saw how much fun it looked, met so many new people, made friends who found me my horse, and opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you!!  

    -Faye Paranich on the Finals, 2017

Hats off to all the people that made the 2017 Finals a success! The thoughtfulness and added bonus to treat the members in the Finals to a banquet dinner at the legion was so generous! Love the course design along with members having fun, encouragement to others, and laughter.

   - Kathy Hiebert on the Finals, 2017


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