Welcome to the Canadian Cowboy Challenge!

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The Canadian Cowboy Challenge is founded on the horsemanship and camaraderie found in ranch-based activities and trail riding. Riders demonstrate their skills and those of their horse as they undertake a series of obstacles.  All the while having a great time!

Our mission statement: To support a safe and encouraging environment where riders can develop a soft feel, fluid movement, speed and courage along with a willingness to move forward in a true partnership between horse and rider.

A Sport for the Whole Family: With divisions for all ages and every skill level of rider and horse, you can bring your whole family out to ride or cheer each other on! 

Intested in Hosting a Cowboy Challenge?

You can now create and manage your Challenge online.  All you need to do is ensure you have an account on the website, and let us know you'd like to host an event.  We'll set you up for access to the host page and help you out to ensure your Challenge is a success.

The Canadian Cowboy Challenge

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